Wet and wild weekend

This weekend we were blessed with a visit from My sister and her family.  Everyone was super excited and there was much squealing and lots of hugs and kisses.  It did however continue to rain, and rain, and rain.  That did not stop the kids.  Rain or shine they were determined to play outside.  They played outside multiple times through heavy down pours and light mist.  Mud pies were made,  holes were dug and we even caught a toad in the back yard!  The kids were thrilled to have discovered out first official critter here in South Carolina.  They continued to have a blast up until I had done the 3rd load of wet laundry, at which time I called it quits. Despite constant begging and pleading to go out, they managed to find things, which were dry, to do.
Sunday morning we woke to Nintendo DS songs and the TV on cartoons but, no rain.  It was beautiful.  The sky was blue and there were only a few clouds in the sky.  We also had this little guy who apparently hid in between the screen door and the sliding door to escape the wet weather.
Sunday afternoon we ventured out into the now dry, ok less wet.  We made a stop at 2 parks here in the Lexington area.  They were a blast for the kids and the grown ups.   We went on several short hikes.  On one such hike we ran across this little guy, a King snake.  It was quite a site, thank goodness they are not poisonous!

The most interesting (ok most annoying) discovery we made this weekend  was the  yellow coating on everything.  Everywhere we looked we saw yellow covering cars, sidewalks, mailboxes, if it was a surface outside it was coated.  When our neighbors sprinklers went off and a yellow stream poured down the gutter we began to really wonder.  It was so yellow it almost appeared as paint.  

It wasn't long before we discovered the source of this yellow powder.  It's pollen. Definitely didn't have this in El Paso.  Today it was dry and they aren't forecasting rain until, well, tomorrow.....maybe we should get the boat out of storage.

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