The Things I've Learned.

Today I judged my first science fair and I have to say it was quite overwhelming.  I was given the fifth grade class a total of about 20 students.  I believe I may initially been as nervous as they were.  I asked a lot of question and got a lot of answers.  Some were logical and sincere others were wacky and down right insane. I believe I even may have learned a few things along the way and I thought I would share them with you.  
1. If you water a flower with coffee, tea or coke it will die.
2. Water can float on top of other water.
3. Fresh squeezed orange juice has more vitamin C than store bought.  
4. Humans have more bacteria in their mouths than do dogs or cats.
5. You can get charcoal to change colors.
6. You can make an electromagnet.
7. There is a huge difference between a research project and a science project. Apparently some fifth graders are still a little fuzzy on which is which.
8.  Having your parent help you with your science experiment does not guarantee you will understand it.
9.  Just because a report is 20% of your project doesn't mean you have to do it.
10.  After completing high school and/or college, parents can still write a fabulous fifth grade science report. 
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