Since we are moving (only 5 more days) I decided it was "clean out the fridge and pantry night". So, it was man-wich for dinner.  I know one of my healthier fares.  Hey, we also had salad and fruit and they were on whole grain buns.  (Mommy guilt, happens all the time).  We all sat down and started eating.  In what seemed like the blink of an eye Mark said,"Can I have another man-wich?"   I looked at his plate to be sure he had started in on the other healthier aspects of dinner, and sure enough it was all gone.  Mark then helped himself to another sandwich, excuse me Man-wich, some more fruit and another handful of carrots.  We all talked, joked and laughed.  Before I knew it Mark was getting another sandwich!  I said, "Maybe you should take a half first?"  To which he replied, "But, I am hungry."  In the skeptical way moms have, I gave him a look that implied if he didn't eat it all for dinner he would be eating it all at another time.  He said, "What! I AM hungry"  Okay, three sandwiches down.  And wouldn't you know it he got up a forth time!  Four sandwiches!!  Amazed I said, "Are you really going to eat another sandwich?"  "Yes I am.  And Mom.  They are MAN-wiches.  For us growing men!"  It is clear that Mark's appetite will soon cost more than our monthly mortgage payment.  Wouldn't you know he still had room for a bag of popcorn only 2 hours later.
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