April showers...

It has been raining here since Wednesday.  Nothing new to those of you who were raised in the Midwest.  It's spring after all.  Well, it is new to my kids for sure.  The first two days of rain the kids were so excited to see the rain.  It is understandable considering we hadn't had rain in over 10 weeks in El Paso when we left.  The kids played in the rain, they danced in the rain, they rode their bikes in the rain.  Nothing was going to stop them from playing outside.  Even Ginger is perplexed by the rain as she keeps looking up to see where it is coming from.  (I wonder if dogs can drowned that way?)  I am sure the neighbors thought we were nuts.  We were indeed the only people on the street to be seen.  This morning the rainy weather was apparently getting old as Mark enquired, "Is it still raining?"  When I told him it was raining and it was forecasted to rain until Sunday Emma jumped in and asked, "Why is it raining so much?" 
"Well Emma it is spring and it rains so things will grow." I responded.
"Momma, will it ever stop?"  she asked 
"Yes, it will stop and then all of the flowers, grass and trees will start growing.  Have you ever heard the saying April showers Bring May flowers'?  Well this is the April showers they are talking about." I answered.
"OH. That's what that means!"  she said as if someone had just turned on a light bulb.  Then she continued "But, it's not April mom."
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