On the third day...

Here we are in Alabama! Woohoo! We are only 409 miles from our destination. Yet, the thought of getting back into the car for one more day is terrifying. For the most part the kids have been doing well. Getting them up early has been to our advantage, as they nap off and on. It however, also has its downfall. Just this morning I was trying to get the movie up and running, and of course there was a fight. Today's fight was about who could or couldn't see the TV the best. When I finally got everything where I thought we were good to go, we ended up with a headphone issue. John's comment was, "For one and a half hours of peace and quiet we have to go through 20-30 minutes of hell first."
Today we made it through Louisiana, Mississippi and almost through Alabama. Thank goodness for short states. I actually feel as if we made progress today. We had our earliest start yet. Which unfortunately means we have done this for so many days in a row we have our morning down to a science. We had an early detour to the Battle of Vicksburg site. It was so wonderful. I would have loved to see more however the kids were done after we saw the introductory movie. (which only was 12 minutes long, in which Emma cried because it was about people dieing.) sigh.
The best part of today was that I finished my sweater! Yeah. Working with wool as you are sitting in the sun is HOT. Now I am on to a cute sun dress which is going to be in silk/cotton. Supper excited!
We are camped out at a Holiday Inn Express and it appears we are the only family here. The rest of the residents appear to be businessmen/women. This does indeed make for a difficult stay. I bribed the kids with this...
If at anytime during our stay someone says, "You have such well behaved kids." Tomorrow you can have ice cream. Best of luck to all the competitors.
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