The Middle of No-Where

Here we are at the end of day 1and we find ourselves in Abilene. Our journey covering 1700 miles has started. This morning was hectic and crazy and wildly exciting. The kids were everywhere at once. It seemed as though I would never get the house ready to go, the suitcases packed and everything and everybody loaded into the truck.
Whenever we travel with the boat we have and issue. Sometimes they are minor and sometimes we are on the shoulder of I-75 with 3 kids, a dog and a flat. John has been worried about what and when this next issue would arise. We fortunately it happened before we even left. Which delayed our start by about an hour and a half. This was also the time when the dog ran up the street, the Realtor came for one last run through and the kids decided they were ready for a snack. We finally managed to leave the house at 11:30 MST.
The day was relatively uneventful after that (Thank God!). We passed hours and hours of nothingness. Everything was a lovely brown color and the landscape all was the same. Eventually the oil rigs that are so prevalent here started popping up everywhere. I even saw a old oil rig being used for a kids playground. We drove and drove and drove. Only once did I hear "How much longer 'till we're there?" from Emma. This eventually resulted in an argument between Jack and Emma on where "there" actually was. Good times. When we reached Stanton TX (The Wind Capital of the World) large wind farms popped up everywhere. We have often seen the blades of these driving through El Paso, as they are manufactured in Juarez. The kids were unimpressed. But it was windy.
We kept in touch with a few of you and thanks to those of you who kept in touch with us. Jack spoke with Grammy this evening and when she asked "what town are you in?" He replied, "The middle of nowhere." Hence the title of this post. With a successful start to the morning we hope to finally make it out of Texas tomorrow. I'll let you know.
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