All children have cute little words they mix up when they are young. These are the things that baby books are made of.   My three had words such as, Choo-choo(train), boa-boa (boat), hooks (hooking the trailer up to the boat) and Bleck! (bleach).  These words are building blocks for language as well as communication. Many of the words I still use today when I am being particularly silly or if for any reason I need to thoroughly embarrass my children.  The kids abandon the use of these words as their muscle and brain development allowed them to begin the correct terminology.

I noticed recently that my 3rd child has developed her own words when the correct word escapes her.  I am not sure it isn't entirely my fault.  As the youngest, she has really never had to communicate well for what she wanted.  She has always had her 2 brothers, mom, dad, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. around to fill in the blank when she couldn't supply the word. I am also not entirely sure that it isn't intentional on her part.  A method employed to get attention, perhaps?  Regardless, I started to take note of her "Emma-isms" and I wanted to share a few of her originals.

Smarticle-Particles--(noun) brain particles that are "smarter" than other brain particles. (some people do not have these)

Non-smarticle-- (adjetive) not capable of intelligent action.  A nice way to say they are not smart.

Pacificly--(adjetive) specific, clearly defined.

Atlanticly-- (adjetive)The opposite of specific, vague, unable to make clear concise statements.

Saxabuddies-- (noun) two individuals, who are friends and whom both play the saxophone.

Philosophizing--(verb)While this is an actual word Emma applies it to the following-- the act of sit around (generally referring to Mark and Jack) talking and arguing and generally theorizing about things unimportant to her existence.

I'll admit all of this is a bit confusing at times.  I had to think clearly and pay close attention to derive the meaning of the words she was using.  Sadly, I know from past experience that this will not last.


Storm at Sea

Will you look at this?  Another finish!  Ta-Da.

before pressing and trimming

4 Beautifully finished Storm at sea blocks.  I chose to do each block for this quilt in a different color.  The colors correspond to the 4 corners on the embroidered border.

 I used snip-its from the same Amy Butler fabric I used for the Dogwood Blossom.  Each block was sewn(by Hand) using English Paper piecing.
Trimmed and Pressed!

The four blocks are the corners of the next border in the Modern Medallion Quilt from the HandStitched Class.

The sides will be solid patchwork.  I am using orange, yellow blue and teal solids.  It is really starting to come together.  How exciting!  Next up...Hand Applique!


The 3 R's

Well, it is finally here.  The first day of school. All three of my children went back to school this morning with smiles, laughs and giggles.  Oh, wait that was me.  I have to say it was an odd feeling this morning rising at 5:30, making breakfasts and lunches and realizing I would have the entire day to myself. (Pure Joy)  So odd in fact that I almost felt sad to have them growing older, entering a new grade and spending more time with their friends than with their family...almost.

In fact this morning there was no drama.  Emma was up SHOWERED and ready to go, Mark and Jack were equally motivated.  It was reassuring to know that they are growing more capable every year.

I only walked one child to their classroom, my youngest.  However, she soon saw that I was the only parent in the 5th grade hall and I was quickly dismissed with a "bye mom." over her shoulder. (Rule 1.  Do not acknowledge your parents around your friends.  They might realize you have them.)

Mark and Jack leaped from the car the moment I put the vehicle in park (I believe this was because they were filled with enthusiasm and vigor ready to start the new year.  Certainly not because they were embarrassed to be seen with me)  Once out they mumbled something that sounded like, "grumf"  or it could have been "brrmf."  Not sure.  I however interpreted this to be "Bye-mom!  Have a great day." in the ever shrinking vocabulary and language of the teenage boy.(I am becoming quite fluent you should be impressed. Really, you should.)

While my kids are off to study reading, writing and arithmetic and enjoying life without mom,  I am left home, alone.  Thinking happy little thoughts, dancing for joy and enjoying the sounds of silence.  Now that the shopping is done, the kitchen cleaned and my blog written I must finally get working on my three R's.  Reading, Rest and Riesling (not necessarily in that order.)  Happy First Day of School!


windows and water balloons

Yesterday, I sent Thing 1 and Thing 2 out to play.  I don't know why, but when I make this request I am usually met with resistance.  "It's too hot!"  they whine.  Well, yeah. It is summer after all.  So when they threw out that complaint, this time I was ready.  Water balloons!   They spent several hours outside with them.  

I was doing some last minute cleaning inside, getting all geared up for Emma's End of Summer Sleepover/ Belated Birthday Party.  Why I was cleaning before the party is still uncertain.  I started doing windows and doors, removing finger prints and nose prints (which were not all from the dog.) from the edges.  I came around the side entrance and noticed my two cuties playing so sweetly.  I also noticed that the windows on the door were FILTHY.  I then stumbled upon a brainstorm.

I headed out with dish soap, a scrub brush and a washcloth.  "Guess what?"I asked.  "I am going to let you two clean the windows!"  As you can imagine they were less than thrilled, until I told them they got to add water balloons onto the list of cleaning supplies. Okay, truthfully the enthusiasm only lasted a short while but the windows did get cleaned and rinsed. 

Unfortunately, the door seals on the door could use replacing because after the door was washed we had a rather large puddle on the floor of the mudroom. Anyone want to wash the floor?


A finish (finally)

Here it is!  My modern medallion embroidered (ahem. excuse me....hand embroidered) border. What a huge sense of relief to have this finished.  I loved the hand embroidery but it is so very, I mean VERY time consuming.  When I signed up for the HandStitched class this summer I thought I would have lots of time to hand stitch.  WHAT was I thinking!  This summer has been non-stop!  

There are so many projects left to complete for the HandStitched class.  Not that I have an obligation to complete them, they are all optional, but they are so darn cute.  The type A part of my personality really wanted to complete this before moving on to another project.  And I tried, but the wedding came along and lots and lots of projects came before it.  With the wedding completed my attention turned back to the embroidery.

Each of the 'jewels' took over 4 hours to complete.  I thought I was doing them pretty quickly until my husband commented on the amount of time it took to do one jewel.  WoW if he noticed I must be taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  The satin stitched 1/2 square triangles took slightly less at only 30 min per triangle.  But aren't they worth it!  I am so enamored by my own work.

Now that my time is free (I say that lightly)  I will be working on the paper pieced block Storm at Sea. With luck, and school starting back up (happy dance!)  I'll have the completed modern medallion quilt to to show off soon.


I mustache you a question...

But I shave it for later. LOL!
Last weekend at my sisters wedding we had an invasion of sorts.  A mustache invasion!  I purchased 6 of these peel and stick felt mustaches for the photo booth.  Boy were they fun.  The kids had a blast posing with their mustaches, even the adults got into the fun.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

With a great mustache comes great responsibility.

I'd rather be growing a mustache.

I'd love to stay and chat but really I mustache.

My mustache brings all the girls into the yard.


Wedding Dress Reveal

The Ridolfo Clan

It is time for the BIG WEDDING DRESS REVEAL.  For those of you who may need a refresher,  I volunteered to make my youngest sisters wedding dress.  For anyone else I would have probably balked.    You all got a sneak peak of the dress as it was being sewn.

 Adriana chose a beautiful flax linen overlaid with Chantilly lace.  A beautiful combination for simple elegance.  Adriana is a tiny, petite person who probably is not even 100 lbs soaking wet.  This pattern beautifully complimented her stature, and kept her from getting lost in layers and layers of fabric.

John and Adriana (front view)
Back of dress
The  The pattern she chose was Vogue 8380 and the trick was adapting this pattern for the lace overlay.  I ended up keeping the lace as a separate piece rather than sewing the lace and linen as one.  I was worried that the difference in weight between the to fabrics would cause a pull or pucker.  The only place where I really ran into difficulties was the zipper.  The tie was sewn in linen only. As an added feature I hand embroidered the wedding date into the hem, in blue of course.