windows and water balloons

Yesterday, I sent Thing 1 and Thing 2 out to play.  I don't know why, but when I make this request I am usually met with resistance.  "It's too hot!"  they whine.  Well, yeah. It is summer after all.  So when they threw out that complaint, this time I was ready.  Water balloons!   They spent several hours outside with them.  

I was doing some last minute cleaning inside, getting all geared up for Emma's End of Summer Sleepover/ Belated Birthday Party.  Why I was cleaning before the party is still uncertain.  I started doing windows and doors, removing finger prints and nose prints (which were not all from the dog.) from the edges.  I came around the side entrance and noticed my two cuties playing so sweetly.  I also noticed that the windows on the door were FILTHY.  I then stumbled upon a brainstorm.

I headed out with dish soap, a scrub brush and a washcloth.  "Guess what?"I asked.  "I am going to let you two clean the windows!"  As you can imagine they were less than thrilled, until I told them they got to add water balloons onto the list of cleaning supplies. Okay, truthfully the enthusiasm only lasted a short while but the windows did get cleaned and rinsed. 

Unfortunately, the door seals on the door could use replacing because after the door was washed we had a rather large puddle on the floor of the mudroom. Anyone want to wash the floor?

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