School is back in session

With fall quickly approaching, the first week of school under our belts, I decided to buckle down and work on finishing up my craftsy class.  I first mentioned the craftsy class by Angela Walters,  Machine Quilting Negitive Space all the way back in February of this year! (really?)

 I had whipped up this L-O-V-E quilt with a large area of negative space to give me some room to practice my quilting designs. I loaded the quilt up on my long-arm machine and then... nothin'.  Seriously, it sat all summer on the machine, looking sad and pathetic.  Well, NO more!  Last week I buckled down and got to work.

Amazing what you can get accomplished with everyone out of the house. I worked and worked and worked an entire day.  I was a woman on fire!

I worked on the progression of a design from Large to small and back to Large.  Having the dense quilting around the blocks in the center helps the blocks stand out.  The white thread helps the background remain in the background with out detracting from the blocks.

I hand traced 4 heart shapes in the background of the quilt.  The only difference?  I used a different quilting design to make the hearts stand out on their own.  The hearts stood out better when there was a larger difference in the size of the quilting motif around the heart.  Something I will have to keep in mind next time.

The binding is on and ready to be hand stitched in place.  Can't wait to show you the finished product.  Happy quilting.


A New "sewing" Accessory

Today, I took a break from ironing interfacing onto the backs of t-shirts and whipped up this little pin cushion.  .
I have been spending an hour a day working on hand quilting my Medallion quilt.  I am determined to get it finished before the New Year

Every night (or most nights) I sit for an hour watch TV, drink a glass of wine and quilt.  (i know, i know the last two are dangerous when mixed.)  So far, it has been working out.  The problem I seem to run into the most is that I keep loosing my needle.  ("just slip it onto your quilt." you say.  "place it in the needle case you made." you say.  "stab it coldly into the arm of the couch." you say. )  Well, you see, I have tried all of those things and my needles either end up broken or lost. And well, only once embedded into my thigh. (no worries, the wine really helps numb the pain.) I also am unable to keep track of my scissors.  I am not even using the tiny little embroidery scissors.  I have my big honkin' fabric scissors down with the quilt.  I am quite sure they have developed the ability to teleport.

Enter the couch arm pin cushion and scissor holder. I followed this pattern over at Reily Blake Designs.  The tutorial was excellent.  I like the way this pattern works even with my couch's wooden arms.  It stays put and so does my needle.  Amazing.  (I know. Right?)  I must say it is a cute addition to my sewing accessories.  Now, I am all set for a glass of wine.



The last few weeks have been filled with last minute summer things, gathering supplies for back to school, orientations, schedule pick-up and school tours. All in preparation for the first week back at school.  There have been a few changes since last year.  Emma is now a Middle Schooler, starting 6th grade and Jack is now in 8th~Wow how time flies.

 Mark is now driving himself to school, and attending a new high school!  Double Eeek!

The first two days were full of anxiety, stress and discovery.  I am happy to report that the newness has officially worn off with the arrival of the dreaded....Homework! 
Mark was a lot less enthusiastic this morning.

Now with my trio away for most of the day, I can slowly re-discover my sewing room..ah!