A New "sewing" Accessory

Today, I took a break from ironing interfacing onto the backs of t-shirts and whipped up this little pin cushion.  .
I have been spending an hour a day working on hand quilting my Medallion quilt.  I am determined to get it finished before the New Year

Every night (or most nights) I sit for an hour watch TV, drink a glass of wine and quilt.  (i know, i know the last two are dangerous when mixed.)  So far, it has been working out.  The problem I seem to run into the most is that I keep loosing my needle.  ("just slip it onto your quilt." you say.  "place it in the needle case you made." you say.  "stab it coldly into the arm of the couch." you say. )  Well, you see, I have tried all of those things and my needles either end up broken or lost. And well, only once embedded into my thigh. (no worries, the wine really helps numb the pain.) I also am unable to keep track of my scissors.  I am not even using the tiny little embroidery scissors.  I have my big honkin' fabric scissors down with the quilt.  I am quite sure they have developed the ability to teleport.

Enter the couch arm pin cushion and scissor holder. I followed this pattern over at Reily Blake Designs.  The tutorial was excellent.  I like the way this pattern works even with my couch's wooden arms.  It stays put and so does my needle.  Amazing.  (I know. Right?)  I must say it is a cute addition to my sewing accessories.  Now, I am all set for a glass of wine.

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