I made a simple wreath design from grapevine and artificial greenery in May of this year.  On the wreath I attached 2 clothes pins to hang quilt blocks with.   Over the next 12 months I plan to make 12 different blocks to decorate this wreath.  The idea is to swap out the blocks, which are quilted and bound, for each month, holiday or special event.

  This idea allows me to play with my extensive, and seemingly endless scrap pile as well as practice machine quilting on my home machine rather than my long-arm machine.  I have begun to discover that one strengthens the other, thereby complementing one another quite well.   When I learn something new on one machine it usually transfers well to the other.  I have attached the location of each post and the website where each block design was found under the picture.  Enjoy!
May Pansy wreath

June flip-flop wreath

July flag wreath

August Boat Wreath
September Wreath

November Wreath
December Wreath
January Wreath
February Wreath