I taught my first beginning quilt class this summer.  Oh was I nervous!  Having never taught a class I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  I have 14 years of quilting under my belt yet somehow I didn't feel qualified to 'teach'.

I had just three students in my class, which was just perfect for me.
Two of the ladies had sewn before which helped.  One student was a very new sewer but I was quite impressed with her willingness to learn. (It was nice that I wasn't the only beginner in class.)

I had sewn up this quilt, which I used as the class sample.  I had the students use 9 pieces from a layer cake and pre-cut the rest of the strips for them.  I planed 3 hours for the quilt assembly.  Can you believe that it took almost 4?  I need to plan a longer class period next time.

The quilt measures 42" x 42" when completed.

Here are my students and their completed quilts!  Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to teach you what I know.  And for being patient with a newbie.

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