Brideget's Bagetts

I sewed up three of these Bagetts from Atkinson Designs for the Sew Suite Studio over the summer.    I used up remnants of Paisley print from the graduation towel projects. I was tempted to use up an old vinyl table cloth for the vinyl scraps but in the end I went with a vinyl remnant.  If you do go the old vinyl table cloth route make sure (Are you listening? This is important!)  make sure you use tissue paper to cover the vinyl when sewing.  No matter how good your walking foot is vinyl will not run smoothly under it, ever.

These little pouches are TOTALLY scrap worthy.  They require only minimal fabric, 2 fat quarters if you are saving up your scraps.  They are a fast finish so they are high on the instant gratification list!  Because sometimes it is good just get one project finished!

The smallish size bags are the perfect size for buttons, bead, safety pins, wonder clips (LOVE THEM). Small sewing instruments such as scissors, rotary cutter or seam ripper can be kept in the larger bag-etts. Whether you are looking for a quick gift for a friend or a just a quick sew for yourself these bags to the trick.

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