I cannot believe I started this blog post last week.  Well, today it will be finished! (maybe).

You may have heard that here in South Carolina we had a little rain. yeah.  (like 14.5 inches in my neck of the woods)  My family and I are very fortunate that we had no flooding, loss of power or water during the flood.  Many of our neighbors have not been so fortunate.

The most wonderful thing happened after disaster struck.  The people of the community pulled together and helped one another.  Volunteers of all ages came out to help clean, organize and cook for the community.  It is truly wonderful to witness everyone working together.  There have been times when volunteers have been turned away from one organization and sent to another just because there are so many people wanting to help.

As you may or may not remember this year I joined a group of ladies within do.good.stitiches who sew quilts for charities. Since January of this year the group has chosen some wonderful and creative blocks.  Here are some of the blocks we have made.

April block
Improv quilt block tutorial found here at City House Studios

Shoo-fly block variation found here at Generations-Quilt-Patterns

Modified X and + block found here at Kbcreative

July and August (I forgot to take a picture of mine) 

Breeze Blossoms Quilt Patterns - Here at Violet Craft

Never has the need for this been more evident.  When people who have lost so much are your friends and neighbors you see first hand the good that comes from just a single quilt block.  One block sewn by 12 caring people, put together into a quilt and given freely can bring warmth and joy to one who has lost it all.

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