Out with the old...

Yesterday, I did it!  I hung my quilt.  The Modern Medallion is a work in progress no more!  I took down my Bargello quilt that had hung in my dining room for the last 2 years (it was time.) Seriously the rod tabs were showing some serious stress.  It probably should have been switched out WAY sooner.  The rule of thumb is hang for 6 month then rest.  Okay, well 4 times longer than the rule, but now it gets a much deserved rest.

 I finished up the rod pocket yesterday morning and up she went!  It took me the better part of 6 months, working off and on to complete the hand quilting for this beauty.  The quilt itself is 60"X60" Overall 10" inches bigger both in length and width than the Bargello.  It may take some time to get used to this new beauty.  I already had to rearrange the decor on my buffet.  We cannot have anything blocking those beautiful hand stitches.

 I used Coats and Clark Hand Quilting thread for most of the hand work.  I did switch it up a little and used #5 Pearl Cotton in Yellow for the orange peel border.

I love the pop of color it adds to the grey green walls. Sometimes I walk by the dining room and just gaze at the finished project.   ahhh.

 I do feel a slight sense of sadness at loosing a project that has kept me company for nearly 6 months.  Although, I'll admit it is a welcome feeling of accomplishment to have this baby checked off my to-do list.  Out with the old and in with the new.  


Lots of UFOs

Recently I have had an overwhelming flood of creativity.  I don't know if it is the cooler weather or what?  All I know is I cannot write down my ideas fast enough!  I have more UFOs than area 51! Ha!  The fact that I have started referring them as 'pile #1, 2, 3 and 4' is probably an indication I need to get organized (or sew faster.)

 First I have these little hooters to share.  They are in stage one of development far, far, FAR away from the completed idea.

Hmmm. maybe I'll start on these next?

Second I have this pile with these mason jars and lovely embroidered fabrics.

I could start on these. I am sure I could finish them in a couple of hours!

Third I have this pattern for a toddler bean bag from lellaboutique.com.  I really have to get this done.  I know a little fella who is turning 2 soon.  I should definitely start on this next.

Forth I have those hexie flowers.  I just keep crankin' them out.  They haven't yet reveled what they would like to be.

Fifth I also have these sheets of red hexagons.  Which have suddenly declared they are to be stockings for Christmas.

Sixth, I have a pile of apple core blocks, okay partial blocks, which are destine to become an apple pie quilt.

oh, pie.  Wait maybe I have to reorder?  Without a doubt, pie is the next project. Hey, a girls got to eat.


Hand Quilting

After a week of machine quilting, I needed a break.  Don't get me wrong I love machine quilting, sometimes a change of pace is needed.  Today I sat down with a cup of coffee and had myself a nice long hand quilting session.
 I am still trying to finish up my Modern Medallion.  After today's work I have only 1 side left to hand quilt before I can bind her up!  I am really enjoying the slow, quiet peace that hand quilting brings.

With the windows open and the birds busily chirping a slow song, it is a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of a week with 3 kids.  I seldom have time just to sit and take me time.

 There is always the pull of things needing to be finished, but just for today those things will have to wait.  I'm hand quilting today.


Another T-shirt Quilt

It's Done.  Finished.  The End.  And if I must say.....It looks Fabulous!

Here she his hot off the Handi-quilter.

Her owner wanted the #23 added to the quilt around the yellow towel in the center.  I gave her 2.  One a bit bolder than the other.

Coming in at 78" X 98" she is just shy of a queen size quilt. And HEAVY.  All packed up and ready to be shipped off to her new home. :)


pleasantly surprised

Yesterday proved to be a very productive day.  Isn't it funny, how some days everything seems to fall into place and gets done and others, umm well it doesn't.

I was able to quilt out this adorable baby quilt for a client.  The green print is the soft flannel and has the cutest little monkeys all over it!  At first when I saw this quilt I focused on the octagons which looked a little like beach balls to me.  (subliminally missing summer, perhaps?)

After I pulled it off the machine I was stunned at what I saw.  A completely different pattern. I love it when I get surprised like that!  My client comes to pick it up tomorrow.  Hope she is as pleasantly surprised as I am.

Off to quilt up some more goodness!


Happy Hexagons

I have been a wee bit preoccupied with hexagons lately.  I am not sure what started this infatuation.  This past weekend I started yet another hexagon project.

  It's not really a project, per se, since I don't really have a direction.  I am just making these tiny little flowers.  No plan, no path,  no pattern just sewing hexagons together.  Just making pretty little flowers and seeing where they lead me.


t-shirt quilt

I cannot believe another week has already flown by.  Wednesday I had every intention of sitting down and writing.  But, before I knew it,  Friday was here.  This week has been a blur of cut, sew and press as I have been working on a t-shirt quilt for a client.

It's always a challenge to get all of the t-shirt blocks into a configuration that both is visually appealing and approved by the client.  After many, many switches I finally was able to settle on one.

The white central block was a request by the client, which showcases specific t-shirts that are important to her. She then chose black fabric to surround the exterior blocks.  I think it turned out great!

I am happy to report that the quilt top is now finished.  Yahoo!