t-shirt remake (#sewwhatselfie)

A few weeks ago, maybe a month?  I read on Gen X quilters about The Fat Quarter Shop's #sewwhatselfie and I decided I would have to enter. For the chance to win $100 in Fabric? Plus they are drawing 2 winners each month!  Woohoo!   I clicked on over to their website and picked up a t-shirt.  I ordered myself an XL with the plan of doing a little fashion remake.

After much practice, I took this selfie. By the way it is way harder to take a selfie than one might imagine.  Perhaps it is easier if you are under 20 it is easier?

Now I love t-shirts, but being short in stature, they are not flattering in the least.  I end up looking more like a box with legs.
Here is the t-shirt on me pre-makeover.

See I told you Not AT All Flattering. Next I went to work modifying it.  I took the sides in, cut the sleeves out, reduced the sleeve length, modified the neckline and the lower edge.  And with a few magic words.  Bibity-boppity-boo we have a new look.

Feel like entering for a chance to win $100 gift card?  Hop on over to The Fat Quarter Shop's Blog and check out!


the AMB blog tour quilt.

I was so excited this week when I saw this sneak peak of the AMB blog tour quilt. There is my South Carolina block (far left row, third from the bottom) pieced together with all all the other states. Doesn't it look wonderful?  I can only dream about the finished quilt.  To check out the progress on this beauty keep checking over to The Works Blog.


Pretty Little Pouches

Over the weekend I found this pouch tutorial from Noodlehead. (Here's the link)  The very same blog where I found the cargo bag pattern.  Awesome.  This is her Open Wide Zippered Pouch.

I love that these pouches have the extra long zipper and the cute little zipper tag!  The extra wide opening makes accessing what you are looking for that much easier to find on the bottom.  (Let's be honest that's always were you find it. )

The pattern makes three different pouch sizes.  I decided to use up the canvas I had left from my failed corn hole bags.  I only had enough fabric left to make the small and medium size pouches.  I even had the right size zippers on hand!  Amazing!  That almost never happens. Sadly I am feeling the need to make the largest size, which means buying more fabric.


Not only are these pouches cute and practical they also nest!  Now when your not using them, they can store each other.  Nice and neat and out of the way!  I know mine will be put to good use!  What are you going to do with yours?


Christmas finish {in July?}

This is the year!  I can feel it.  Every year I think to myself, "This year I will get Christmas done early."  And yet every year I am working on projects right up to Christmas Eve. Well, I say, NO MORE!  I declare that this is the year I will have all my Christmas projects done by Thanksgiving!

HA! HA! HA!  Good One!  Almost had myself believing it!

Doesn't matter how much I plan, how much I get done,  I will always, always find something to try to make and squeeze in at the last minute.  However, I have gotten one project out of the way.  My Brother and his wife brought a beautiful baby girl into the world this March.  This will be her first Christmas.  She will totally need a stocking for all her goodies.

Last year I made these stockings for my brother's family.  The new little one could not be left out of the matching family stockings.  I started piecing these hexies in June and just yesterday finished up the Embroidery for the name.

While I made each stocking similar, they are each a little different.  Different trim around the cuff, different Christmas decoration on the cuff and a different backing.  My own little touch to personalize them a little.

With this stocking I had this reindeer fabric from last season and I thought it would be the perfect thing for a wee little one.

I even fussy cut out a reindeer hexie for the front.  How Cute is that?!


Mudroom {Part 2}

A few months ago I started my Mudroom makeover with a new coat of paint for the bench and the cubbies and a few new shoe bins. If you missed it you can read about it here.

Since then I have been slowly working on part two of the makeover.  A breadboard wall with coat hooks.  This is the blank wall pre-makeover.

And here is our post-makeover wall.

It is now all up and painted! There are hooks for all of our bags, coats, purses, etc. and I love it!  I could not be happier with the results.  Now on to the next step, cushions and valance.


t-shirt up-cycle.

Emma has been wanting to do a little up-cycling lately.  Last year we had purchased a desk for her room for $15 and she proudly cleaned, sanded, and painted it until it was just as she wanted.  Now she has the bug again.  This year I decided we would do a little wardrobe up cycling.

We dug into her t-shirts and came up with 4 she was ok with cutting up.

I cannot believe how incredibly easy these were.  I think the most it took was 15 minutes to complete a t-shirt remodel.  The best part... She loves them!

I searched the internet for ideas and tutorials; there are literally hundreds of ideas floating out there.

These are the blogs I took the directions from :






Thanks to all these creative bloggers for giving us such a new spin on our t-shirts!


We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to :

Lindsay Kutrybala who said....

Cute bag!! I think my knitting projects would end up fighting my groceries for it! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

She is the winner of the AMB tote bag!