Over the long Thanksgiving weekend I was able to finish up the George's Vest for my Nephew.  You may remember this post where I shared the vest, and the demise of the vest. Well once I cast on the correct number of stitches I was able to whip up this cute vest in only a couple of appointments.  (Anyone else measure the difficulty of their projects based on the number of appointments it takes them to get through?  Or is it just me? )

Like I was saying, I finished the vest except for one thing, the crocheted edging around the neck.  I have crocheted once or twice in my life without much success.  I can't seem to figure out what to do with the working yarn, and hold the piece I am working on. When I knit I hold the yarn with my right hand.  When I crochet I hold the yarn with my Left.  This simple change is so complicated!  My left hand just does not want to cooperate.

My mother has crocheted for years.  She has taught me multiple time to crochet with relatively little success.  Over Thanksgiving weekend she came down and we worked on crocheting once again.  This time I think I am Hooked.  To date I have crochet this cute little bow-tie and 3 washcloths.

With luck this time it will stick.


Fabric Envelope

What do you do with all of the receipts, coupons and lists that accumulate in your purse.  I often take one day a week to run multiple errands.  By the end of the day I have a huge mess in my purse. Paper, paper and more paper.  I try to use email receipts where possible. But if I have to head to a store like CVS where their receipts are taller than I am....forget-about-it, paper everywhere!  It drives me crazy. CRAZY.

Over the years I have tried various things to help organize or at the very least contain the mess. I have used coupon organizers, folders, notepads, and even tucking them (not so neatly into my checkbook cover).  My recent attempt was a business envelope.  That worked for a few weeks, with me taping the envelope and re-taping the envelope periodically, but eventually it died a horrible death.


I don't know why I didn't think of if sooner but I decided to make a fabric envelope. I cannot believe I haven't been making these. They are such a quick and simple project. A quick search on pinterist.com revealed lots and lots of tutorials for fabric envelopes.

Envelope it by Bolt Neighborhood

Envelope-IT tutorial by Bolt Neighborhood has an elastic strap to keep the envelope strapped to a notepad or journal.

If you are a follower of Dave Ramsey these Pretty Little envelopes from Just Imagine Heaven will put you in Organization Heaven!
Prettiest Little Envelopes by Just Imagine Heaven

 I am already planning something using this tutorial for Love Note Valentine Bunting from Lil Luna.  Too CUTE!
Love Note Valentine's Day Bunting by Lil' Luna

Ultimately I decided on this Fabric Envelope tutorial from In Color Order.  Simple. Easy. Practical.  Perfect.  Seriously this took me 15 minutes tops.  The results awesome.

Holds everything nice and neat.  Best of all no shredded paper in the bottom of my purse.


-A sock cowl?

Does it annoy you? Or is it just me?  You knit up a pair of socks, which you love and adore.  But then you have this smallish amount of leftover sock yarn.  It is never enough to make a third sock.  It just sits there in my yarn bin.  Occasionally I think about tossing it, giving it away or finding something to use it for but mostly it just takes up space.  Annoying.

Gusto pattern by Laura Nelkin
I was searching for knitting patterns, for what?? I have NO idea. Suddenly I found myself on Knitty.com. with this beautiful cowl pattern staring at me.  Gusto is a pattern by Laura Nelkin.  While I have never made one of her patterns before I have seen her on Craftsy.com.  This pattern was just what I didn't know I was looking for.  In the pattern she uses the Magic knot to make one continuous ball of yarn from all of the partial sock yarn balls you have left.  Brilliant!  From that yarn ball you knit up a beautiful and useful cowl!  

The pattern is full of fun stitches that keep the pattern rolling without getting boring.  Which I have to tell you will keep you on your toes if you happen to be someone who likes knitting in front of the TV.   Yet, it is easy enough to knit in on a hallway bench, (with a finger you may or may not have sewn through,) while you wait for your son to finish saxophone lessons. There are two versions of the pattern.  One that uses beads on the cast-on and bind-off round for extra sparkle, and one that does not.  I chose the one that does not use beads.  Mostly because I did not have beads on hand and I was to impatient to start knitting.  Next time I'm trying the beads!

I was going to save this as a possible Christmas gift but now that the polar vortex has brought colder air our way I am in desperate need of a cozy cowl.  If you happen to have a few extra yards of miscellaneous sock yarn laying around you should check out Laura's Gusto pattern it's the perfect fit.

I was sad that I did not have a large selection of sock yarn leftovers to choose from.  I haven't knit socks in over 6 years!  Fortunately I did have some.  While it is all one color way it is variegated and does give contrast to the beautiful stitching.


Ho. Ho. Ho.

Yep, it is that time again.  If you have been out of the house in the last two weeks, I am sure you have seen more than one worker unloading boxes of Christmas decorations.  It seems to me that Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. Even my daughter has been listening to Christmas carols!  Over the past few weeks I have been slowly (and I emphasize s-l-o-w-l-y) working on Christmas gifts.  I always think I have plenty of time, and then WHAM!  It's Christmas.

When I saw this Shorter StyleTriple-Flounce apron pattern on Sew4home I knew instantly who I needed to have this under their tree.   I have made several patterns from the Sew4home site and always find them easy to read and complete.

This apron, as the name implies is a shorter style apron just perfect for a sassy and sweet teen or college student in your life.  Using mostly Christmas fabrics I stitched up my version in just one afternoon.  I had my daughter model it for pictures. When she saw how cute it was she immediately wanted one for herself and for a couple of her friends. (always a good sign that it is teen appropriate.) While I may get around to making one for her, I doubt it will be for Christmas.  My list to-make items is growing ever longer. There are just too many cute patterns out there.


Memory Quilt

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a woman who had recently lost her mother.  She had heard about some of the t-shirt quilts I had made and wondered if I would be able to make a quilt our of her mothers clothing.  After seeing that she had more than enough clothes I set to work on this beauty.

She had chosen a lattice quilt pattern to set off the prints and patterns in her mother's clothes.

It took me just over 21 hours to complete this 78"X105" quilt.

I quilted an all over meandering heart pattern which complements this quilt perfectly.

 Off it goes to it's forever home.


The demise of a sweater vest

Look how much I was able to knit on George's Vest over the weekend!!  I really was able to get a lot done and I was so excited...until.

Yes. The dreaded until.  Until I laid it out just like in the photo above.  I thought to myself.."self.  That looks a little small for a 2T-3T."  And I answered, "yes, I do believe you are correct."  Just to be sure I measured it.  Yup.  I had made the 24 month size not the 2t-3t size.  UGH.  I guess that is what you get for casting on when you are watching a movie.

So, it was today with a heavy heart that watched the demise of a almost finished project.

I took it off the needles and started to rip-it.

And rip-it.


At least I was able to capture our last few moments together.  sigh.

Now, I think I'll find a nice one size fits all pattern. Perhaps a scarf.


Knitting again

Last weekend we spent driving back and forth to Charleston.  The kids had a Band Competition and a soccer game, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  It was our intention to hang out in Charleston for the weekend but Homecoming Dance on Saturday night we had to swing back.  It's not a long drive only about 2 hours but driving four times was a little much.  This did ensure that I had time enough to knit not only while sitting in the car but while watching all of the events take place over the weekend.  I finished up this cute little tunic. As I mentioned before it is pattern from Elena Nodel which you can find here.  I plan to make the larger tunic in a scarlet and grey color way for a niece in Ohio..  go Bucks!

I had time this week to run (limp.) out and pick up some cute leggings and a long sleeve top to wear with it.  It turned out so cute.  I only hope it fits, if only for a little while. :)
George's Vest by Chrystal Erb Junkins
(How Cute is He?)

After spraining my ankle, I started on a matching sweater vest for her brother using the grey yarn.  (Amazing how much knitting you can get accomplished when you are forced to sit and elevate your leg multiple times a day.) George's Vest by Chrystal Erb Junkins is the pattern I am using.  You can find it here on Ravelry. I plan on making the vest grey and (possibly) crocheting a matching bow tie with the variegated yarn.  There are so many cute crochet bow tie patterns!

Today I am off to watch the final Band performance of the year... State Finals! Of course I will have my knitting to keep me company.
Knit on!