Graduation towels

This past June my oldest graduated from High School.  (How is this possible?) Since he had lots of friends who were also graduating, go figure?, I had quite a few graduation gifts to come up with.  (Because I wasn't busy enough) I decided to dive head first into whipping up some decorative towels for a few of the girls.

I purchased plain white towels from TJMaxx and this beautiful paisley print from Free Spirit Fabrics.

This is  Patient Paisley in Aqua by April Cornell for those of you who wondered.

I followed the pattern I had from Amy Buttler's book In Stitches.  I ended up adapting the pattern just slightly.  The towels I had purchased had a thick band of white on white stitching (see above picture) that wasn't completely covered with the measurements used in the pattern.  I extended the length just enough to make the paisley print the focal point.

I made 4 sets, a hand towel and a bath towel for each girl.  Overall it was a quick and satisfying project which the Girls LOVED.

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