A sign of the times

The countdown begins.  With only2 weeks until my sisters wedding, things are coming to completion.  I am never sure if I am  helping or just getting in the way.  Being 500 miles away helps keep me out from underfoot but I am quite limited in how I can help. The dress was off being tried on, measured and adjusted this week.  While I had some time on my hands I offered to help by making signs for the tables.

I searched pintrest and etsy for home made signs and got some really wonderful ideas.  Most however were more formal than Adriana's summer picnic wedding plans.  With a few modifications and a little creativity I came up with my own designs.  The best part it cost me all total 1.25$!  Everything else I had on hand.  AWESOME!

I used 2x4's which were leftover from another project.  I painted them with white primer.  Once they were dry I cut scrapbook paper to size and glued them to the 2X4s.  The first coat of glue dried, I used solid color scrapbook paper and my own brand of Creative lettering to personalize each sign.

Another coat of decoupage then they were ready for ribbon.  2 in white ribbon was hot glued to several of the signs to give the edges some flair.  I purchased the black 12 gauge jeweler's wire and with the  use of needle nose pliers curled the wirer into shapes that would hold pictures or notes.

All of my kids helped in one way or another, which makes the project even that much more special.  Everyone of the kids has their favorite sign.  Emma loves the seed sign.  (She help with the flowers).  Jack loves the candy bar sign.  (I am not sure if he loves the sign or the candy or just the thought of all the wonderful desserts to come)  And Mark likes the game sign.  (always the competitor).

These were a quick, cute and fun project.  It was a great creative break from quilting, hand stitching and knitting.  With a little planing, a list and a great deal of hard work they will make it the 500 miles back to the wedding.


Simple flowers

I had the honor of quilting this little beauty over the weekend. Don't you just love the pink and green.  My photo certainly does not do it justice.  What a sweet quilt.

Even though the pattern is simple, the play of white with the pink and green is just gorgeous!

I didn't want to have the quilting to overtake the design, so I quilted this with white thread.  I used one of my favorite free-motion designs with flowers and leaves.


A home run.

Recently I was asked by my cousin and his wife to make a Cleveland Indians quilt for their new bundle of joy.  Since she is due in August, I realized I better get busy.  They had seen this quilt for a client last year and really liked the design.

To me this design doesn't scream BABY.  I went in search of baby quilt designs.  I ran across a few I thought would work and I drew up a plan.  Unfortunately the bold colors of red and blue along with the adult looking Indians panels did not get me a "baby quilt."  Nevertheless, I am happy with the design. 

I added multiple blocks embroidered with baseball terms, hoping to add to the educational level of the quilt.  (Never to early to learn).

It finished up at 48" x 48".  Quilted with an all over baseball pantograph, and backed with baseball fabric it just might inspire the little guy to play in the big leagues.  



I am sad to report my Handstitched Class is temporarily on hold. It is not the class it's self but my participation int he class that is in limbo.  Don't worry it is for a good cause.  I have been busily sewing on my youngest sister's wedding dress. Just the fact that she is getting married is amazing to me. She was 11 when John and I married, and swore that marriage wasn't for her. (She joked that she would be the crazy old Aunt that never married and was surrounded by cats.)  While she does have a cat, ( I'll remain mum on the crazy part) she will not be Single after August.

 She and her future husband have chosen to have a very casual outdoor wedding and reception.  That said, she wanted her dress to be casual and cool enough for the outdoors without completely throwing the idea of a traditional wedding dress out the window.  After many, many, many attempts at finding a dress that suited her she decided we would just have to make one.  She picked out a beautiful flax colored linen for the dress and a pretty Chantilly cream lace for the overlay.  After a couple of airmail fittings we are finally getting close to a finished product. Just the zipper to sew and the hem to stitch. While I cannot show you the finished product I will give you a little sample.

Sorry that's it for now. You and everyone else will just have to wait for the wedding.


Happy Birthday Emma!

When you have one of these ...
I don't think you ever really grasp how fast they can turn into one of these.

My baby turned 11 yesterday. Happy Birthday Beautiful.



My Daughter's 11th birthday is next week.  Over the past few days she has started rattling off things she wants for her birthday.  Yet, as so often happens, as soon as she is asked by someone what it is she wants, she inevitably cannot remember anything.  Finally she said, "I need to make a list!"  She is my list maker.  My maker of lists.  Always lists with that child.  She is the one who develops my grocery lists, keeps track of them and always checks them off.  She keeps me organized, or at the very least she tries really hard.

Pad in one hand, pencil in the other, she wondered off to compose her list.  She was gone a while, then would pop back up saying things such as, "Do you remember yesterday at the store?  I said I wanted .... what exactly?"  Then she would flutter off to write whatever it was on her list.  It took a while but she managed.  Finally, it was time for the "Big Reveal."

"Okay," she said, "here it is." (she cleared her throat her for affect.) " First I want to say, I have divided my list into 2 categories: Things I want.  & Things I want that I know I'll never be allowed to have.

She is either very good at making realistic lists or very, very good at mommy guilt.


Happy July 4th!

Happy Fourth! Hope this day brings tender memories, cool drinks and an evening BOOM!

In honor of the 4th Emma and I decided to give each other patriotic manicures.


A few little finishes

This weekend was so much fun.  My sister and her 2 kids were in visiting.  We had loads of fun watching the cousins play, hanging out and going boating.  Even with all that was going on I still managed to squeeze in a little sewing time.

I finished up this headband for my Handstitched class.  Emma's favorite color is purple.

I also finished up this cute little stitch sampler.  Many of these stitches I have used before, but it has been a really, really long time.

The most difficult stitch was the herringbone stitch.  That was a new stitch for me, keeping them even and straight almost gave me a reason to have a second glass of wine. :)

Lastly I added the border to my Dogwood Blossom.  I haven't started the embroidered border yet.  I have to admit I am a little intimidated by it!  EEEK.  I divided up the white into my 2 inch squares and then stopped!  Once I work up my courage to start I'm sure there will be no stopping me, well, I'm pretty sure.