A few little finishes

This weekend was so much fun.  My sister and her 2 kids were in visiting.  We had loads of fun watching the cousins play, hanging out and going boating.  Even with all that was going on I still managed to squeeze in a little sewing time.

I finished up this headband for my Handstitched class.  Emma's favorite color is purple.

I also finished up this cute little stitch sampler.  Many of these stitches I have used before, but it has been a really, really long time.

The most difficult stitch was the herringbone stitch.  That was a new stitch for me, keeping them even and straight almost gave me a reason to have a second glass of wine. :)

Lastly I added the border to my Dogwood Blossom.  I haven't started the embroidered border yet.  I have to admit I am a little intimidated by it!  EEEK.  I divided up the white into my 2 inch squares and then stopped!  Once I work up my courage to start I'm sure there will be no stopping me, well, I'm pretty sure.
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