Even with company this week, I have managed to get a couple of things done.  Perhaps "done" isn't exactly the right word.  Maybe, started or worked on, or progressed would be better choices.  Nevertheless they are moving in the right direction.  I showed you the needle case last weekend.  The pattern I followed called for a flap at the top, just over the scissors.  The purpose of said flap is to keep your scissors from falling out.  Because my scissors are only 3 1/2 inches long and not the 5 inches called for in the pattern this type of flap would do me no good.  The scissors still slid out.  I had thought that if I made the opening for the scissors tight enough that would keep them in.  Silly me, felt stretches and can be very slippery.  My scissors stayed in the case only until I picked up the case and turned it.  Okay, so now I needed a new plan. After playing wit my scrap felt this is what I came up with.

I added a strip of felt about 3/4 of an inch to the top just over the scissor sleeve.  Once I folded over the felt; I added a snap and Ta-Da!  no more scissors landing on the floor.  (I make no promises for pins)
Not the prettiest but, hey it works!

I also started the second project in my Handstitched Class.  This is the DogWood Blossom.

 I know you are thinking, I have seen that fabric before.  You'd be right.  I just love this Amy Butler print!  I topped my print off with this lovely Kona --Aloe.  I think it complements the colors in the print nicely.  I stitched my Dogwood blossom down with a pretty yellow.

What this, very blurry picture, is showing you is the blind stitch we used for this block.  I am no stranger to the blind stitch.  Since I hover at about 5 feet, and it appears all of my offspring will have short legs, I have become quite skilled at the blind hem.  What I am not skilled at is keeping my stitches the same distance apart.  When you hem pants no one looks to see if your stitches are even, besides isn't the entire point of the blind hem that you are NOT supposed to see it?  Stitching these evenly both in length and width was most certainly a challenge.

Of course I still have to remove the freezer paper and square it up.  The next big question, "Now what to pair it with? "
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