As I mentioned in the last post we took off to Yellowstone 3 weeks ago (can that be right?)  This had to be one of the most wonderful family trips we have taken.  We flew into Salt Lake City and then had to make the 5 hour drive to West Yellowstone.  As we pulled into our cabin on Tuesday night snow had just started to fall.  Yes, I said Snow!  June 5 and it was still snowing!  It was no surprise when we woke Wednesday morning to find just enough snow to make a little snowman.  The kids loved it.

 (Believe it or not this was the first snow we had encountered this year. HA!)

We took in every thermal feature, waterfall and geyser they had, and I have the 460 photos to prove it.  I believe some editing will be required prior to making a photo album of this trip.

 We were lucky enough to see a ton of wildlife.

Bison, Pronghorn, Elk, Coyote, Bear, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Bald Eagle, Raven, Trout, and Osprey were among the animals we watched.

The only animal we did not see in the wild was the Wolf.  Emma had hoped to spot one out but we never did.  Emma and I did make it over to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center to see some of the captive wolves.  While the girls learned about Grizzlies and Wolves, the guys headed out to learn to fly fish.  They had a wonderful trip and learned a great deal.  If you are ever in West Yellowstone we highly recommend The West Yellowstone Fly Shop.

  Between the 3 guys they caught 20 plus fish, both rainbow and brown trout.  Just when we started to tire of Bison, if you can imagine that, we headed over to Grand Teton National Park.  It remained cool, snowy and a bit cloudy, throughout the trip.

 But at 8000 feet above sea level you take what you get.  We did several day hikes and saw some really beautiful scenery.

We also caught a glimpse of a Moose, Beaver and Marmot. Overall it was a wonderful trip and one we will remember for years to come.
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