A new case for my Nook.

After many modifications and about 10 hours in embroidery my Nook case if finished.  I started with a tutorial I found here at Clover and Violet.  (It is also pinned on my Sewing Board on Pinterest)  After I made my MONSTER size adjustment, I followed there basic pattern.

I changed up the interior to fit my needs by adding a pocket and pen sleeve in the center.

For my exterior closure I used 3 colors of embroidery floss braided together to make a loop.  

I sewed in onto the cover prior to adding the binding.  I used a 1 inch covered button on the front.

My Absolute Favorite with out a doubt is the embroidery!  I'd forgotten how enjoyable and relaxing it can be.  Sadly I also forgot how badly it tears up my nails. :(

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