A sign of the times

The countdown begins.  With only2 weeks until my sisters wedding, things are coming to completion.  I am never sure if I am  helping or just getting in the way.  Being 500 miles away helps keep me out from underfoot but I am quite limited in how I can help. The dress was off being tried on, measured and adjusted this week.  While I had some time on my hands I offered to help by making signs for the tables.

I searched pintrest and etsy for home made signs and got some really wonderful ideas.  Most however were more formal than Adriana's summer picnic wedding plans.  With a few modifications and a little creativity I came up with my own designs.  The best part it cost me all total 1.25$!  Everything else I had on hand.  AWESOME!

I used 2x4's which were leftover from another project.  I painted them with white primer.  Once they were dry I cut scrapbook paper to size and glued them to the 2X4s.  The first coat of glue dried, I used solid color scrapbook paper and my own brand of Creative lettering to personalize each sign.

Another coat of decoupage then they were ready for ribbon.  2 in white ribbon was hot glued to several of the signs to give the edges some flair.  I purchased the black 12 gauge jeweler's wire and with the  use of needle nose pliers curled the wirer into shapes that would hold pictures or notes.

All of my kids helped in one way or another, which makes the project even that much more special.  Everyone of the kids has their favorite sign.  Emma loves the seed sign.  (She help with the flowers).  Jack loves the candy bar sign.  (I am not sure if he loves the sign or the candy or just the thought of all the wonderful desserts to come)  And Mark likes the game sign.  (always the competitor).

These were a quick, cute and fun project.  It was a great creative break from quilting, hand stitching and knitting.  With a little planing, a list and a great deal of hard work they will make it the 500 miles back to the wedding.

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