I am sad to report my Handstitched Class is temporarily on hold. It is not the class it's self but my participation int he class that is in limbo.  Don't worry it is for a good cause.  I have been busily sewing on my youngest sister's wedding dress. Just the fact that she is getting married is amazing to me. She was 11 when John and I married, and swore that marriage wasn't for her. (She joked that she would be the crazy old Aunt that never married and was surrounded by cats.)  While she does have a cat, ( I'll remain mum on the crazy part) she will not be Single after August.

 She and her future husband have chosen to have a very casual outdoor wedding and reception.  That said, she wanted her dress to be casual and cool enough for the outdoors without completely throwing the idea of a traditional wedding dress out the window.  After many, many, many attempts at finding a dress that suited her she decided we would just have to make one.  She picked out a beautiful flax colored linen for the dress and a pretty Chantilly cream lace for the overlay.  After a couple of airmail fittings we are finally getting close to a finished product. Just the zipper to sew and the hem to stitch. While I cannot show you the finished product I will give you a little sample.

Sorry that's it for now. You and everyone else will just have to wait for the wedding.

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