Wedding Dress Reveal

The Ridolfo Clan

It is time for the BIG WEDDING DRESS REVEAL.  For those of you who may need a refresher,  I volunteered to make my youngest sisters wedding dress.  For anyone else I would have probably balked.    You all got a sneak peak of the dress as it was being sewn.

 Adriana chose a beautiful flax linen overlaid with Chantilly lace.  A beautiful combination for simple elegance.  Adriana is a tiny, petite person who probably is not even 100 lbs soaking wet.  This pattern beautifully complimented her stature, and kept her from getting lost in layers and layers of fabric.

John and Adriana (front view)
Back of dress
The  The pattern she chose was Vogue 8380 and the trick was adapting this pattern for the lace overlay.  I ended up keeping the lace as a separate piece rather than sewing the lace and linen as one.  I was worried that the difference in weight between the to fabrics would cause a pull or pucker.  The only place where I really ran into difficulties was the zipper.  The tie was sewn in linen only. As an added feature I hand embroidered the wedding date into the hem, in blue of course.
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