A finish (finally)

Here it is!  My modern medallion embroidered (ahem. excuse me....hand embroidered) border. What a huge sense of relief to have this finished.  I loved the hand embroidery but it is so very, I mean VERY time consuming.  When I signed up for the HandStitched class this summer I thought I would have lots of time to hand stitch.  WHAT was I thinking!  This summer has been non-stop!  

There are so many projects left to complete for the HandStitched class.  Not that I have an obligation to complete them, they are all optional, but they are so darn cute.  The type A part of my personality really wanted to complete this before moving on to another project.  And I tried, but the wedding came along and lots and lots of projects came before it.  With the wedding completed my attention turned back to the embroidery.

Each of the 'jewels' took over 4 hours to complete.  I thought I was doing them pretty quickly until my husband commented on the amount of time it took to do one jewel.  WoW if he noticed I must be taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  The satin stitched 1/2 square triangles took slightly less at only 30 min per triangle.  But aren't they worth it!  I am so enamored by my own work.

Now that my time is free (I say that lightly)  I will be working on the paper pieced block Storm at Sea. With luck, and school starting back up (happy dance!)  I'll have the completed modern medallion quilt to to show off soon.
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