The 3 R's

Well, it is finally here.  The first day of school. All three of my children went back to school this morning with smiles, laughs and giggles.  Oh, wait that was me.  I have to say it was an odd feeling this morning rising at 5:30, making breakfasts and lunches and realizing I would have the entire day to myself. (Pure Joy)  So odd in fact that I almost felt sad to have them growing older, entering a new grade and spending more time with their friends than with their family...almost.

In fact this morning there was no drama.  Emma was up SHOWERED and ready to go, Mark and Jack were equally motivated.  It was reassuring to know that they are growing more capable every year.

I only walked one child to their classroom, my youngest.  However, she soon saw that I was the only parent in the 5th grade hall and I was quickly dismissed with a "bye mom." over her shoulder. (Rule 1.  Do not acknowledge your parents around your friends.  They might realize you have them.)

Mark and Jack leaped from the car the moment I put the vehicle in park (I believe this was because they were filled with enthusiasm and vigor ready to start the new year.  Certainly not because they were embarrassed to be seen with me)  Once out they mumbled something that sounded like, "grumf"  or it could have been "brrmf."  Not sure.  I however interpreted this to be "Bye-mom!  Have a great day." in the ever shrinking vocabulary and language of the teenage boy.(I am becoming quite fluent you should be impressed. Really, you should.)

While my kids are off to study reading, writing and arithmetic and enjoying life without mom,  I am left home, alone.  Thinking happy little thoughts, dancing for joy and enjoying the sounds of silence.  Now that the shopping is done, the kitchen cleaned and my blog written I must finally get working on my three R's.  Reading, Rest and Riesling (not necessarily in that order.)  Happy First Day of School!

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