All children have cute little words they mix up when they are young. These are the things that baby books are made of.   My three had words such as, Choo-choo(train), boa-boa (boat), hooks (hooking the trailer up to the boat) and Bleck! (bleach).  These words are building blocks for language as well as communication. Many of the words I still use today when I am being particularly silly or if for any reason I need to thoroughly embarrass my children.  The kids abandon the use of these words as their muscle and brain development allowed them to begin the correct terminology.

I noticed recently that my 3rd child has developed her own words when the correct word escapes her.  I am not sure it isn't entirely my fault.  As the youngest, she has really never had to communicate well for what she wanted.  She has always had her 2 brothers, mom, dad, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. around to fill in the blank when she couldn't supply the word. I am also not entirely sure that it isn't intentional on her part.  A method employed to get attention, perhaps?  Regardless, I started to take note of her "Emma-isms" and I wanted to share a few of her originals.

Smarticle-Particles--(noun) brain particles that are "smarter" than other brain particles. (some people do not have these)

Non-smarticle-- (adjetive) not capable of intelligent action.  A nice way to say they are not smart.

Pacificly--(adjetive) specific, clearly defined.

Atlanticly-- (adjetive)The opposite of specific, vague, unable to make clear concise statements.

Saxabuddies-- (noun) two individuals, who are friends and whom both play the saxophone.

Philosophizing--(verb)While this is an actual word Emma applies it to the following-- the act of sit around (generally referring to Mark and Jack) talking and arguing and generally theorizing about things unimportant to her existence.

I'll admit all of this is a bit confusing at times.  I had to think clearly and pay close attention to derive the meaning of the words she was using.  Sadly, I know from past experience that this will not last.
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