How Sweet!

Can I just be honest?  Oh! How I love cupcakes.  Pillow of frosting on a mattress of cake. What's not to love? In one bite, a bit of frosting and a bit of cake.  They are neatly packaged it the perfect pleated wrapper.  Cute, sweet and require only a minimum of bites.  Face it.  They are the perfect little dessert.  

Over the summer I made the cutest cupcakes.  Why, you ask are they cute?  These, my fellow sew-ists were no ordinary cupcakes.  These were Cupcake pincushions.

Four in total. Some with solid frosting tops and others with prints.  I followed the Cupcake Pincushion Pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates
Having never made fabric pincushions that look like cupcakes, I can tell you that it was a bit of a challenge.  I say this only because these cupcake liners were filled with sand.  The sand makes them nice and sturdy. These little beauties are not going to roll off your sewing table.

I know you are probably thinking the exact same thing I thought, "What if the sand escapes and gets all over my sewing table?"  I can tell you now that would NOT be a good scenario.  The pattern even states, "Do not use these near your sewing machine." I can only imagine the horror of having sand inside your machine.   So if you do plan on making one or more of these little gems, be sure to leave it on your cutting table.

 The frosting layer I filled with fiberfill.  I suppose you could fill the entire cupcake with fiberfill if you wanted to fore go the sand.  I even contemplated rice in the bottom as this would give it weight without the worry of sand everywhere.  

In the end I followed the pattern. After I whipstitched the seam on the bottom closed I used a bit of hot glue to (hopefully) seal the seam. Take that Sand!

These little sweets whip up in no time.  They are great for all the cute little scraps that we all save and swear one day we will use.  They are simple enough to put together (minus the sand) and you can custom decorate your confection creation however you like.  I topped off my little sweets with a fabric flower rosette and little ribbon leaves.  How Sweet is that?

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