This year I coordinated the months of March and October for the do.good.stitches peace group.
For the March group I used chose the scrapy triangle block from Filminthefridge.  This is a block I have been wanting to play around with for a while now.  I chose green, blue and yellow as the block colors and asked each participant to make me 3 blocks.  Since this was the first time I had been a month coordinator, I greatly underestimated the number of blocks I needed.  When all was said and done I still had 13 blocks to make.  ugh.

Rather than stick with the block as it was designed I decided to mix up 3 of the blocks by making the triangle negative white space and the exterior of the block the color.

I quilted organic wavy lines around the triangles and then used my Juki 2010 to quilt smaller triangles inside of the lager triangles.

All quilted designed and made by the Peace Circle of do.good.stitches profit the local chapter of Project Linus.

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