Cowgirl Talk

We made it out of TEXAS! yeah. We are currently in Monroe, Louisiana. We were able to get an earlier start this morning an make it 4 hours before our first stop. Mainly because mom woke everyone up so early, that we watched the sun rise as we started out this morning. I was not so very popular. Because of the early start we were able to stop a little sooner than yesterday. We searched and searched for some place to let the kids run off a little steam. After stopping at the Louisiana visitors center we were still unsure of what to do. Finally, after calling around we found a Holiday Inn that had an indoor pool. Thanks again to mommies uncanny ability to plan ahead we already had our swimsuits packed. Amazing! After a less than tasteless dinner which took longer than it should have, we were disgruntled, tired and annoyed. So we went off to the pool to have some fun. This Holiday Inn is one of the older style Holidomes for those of you old enough to remember. They stuck clearly in mind because I always wanted to go as a child. The kids got dressed and they were off. John and Mark played ping-pong, Jack and Emma swam and I got to sit with Ginger and Knit. They all took turns switching between ping-pong, swimming, the arcade and shuffleboard. Emma even made some new friends. Shortly after her 11th or 12th time in the pool she ran up to me with this exclamation.
"Momma, Momma, I have this new friend. I don't know her name but, her sister or friend or her cousin, I am not sure which, is here with her. And guess what?"
"What?" I asked.
She replied cheerfully, "They all speak cowgirl!"
"You mean their accent?" I asked, trying to hide my chuckle.
"No Momma!" she replied they don't have an accent, that is just what they speak!
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