The adventures of Drama Princess.

We are finally settling into things here. We have been to the grocery, Target, and Wal-mart. We have registered for school (aways a scary moment for mommy). We are even making some new friends. The street here is full of kids, mostly girls. We do however have a creek just down the street which is all the kids seam to care about these days. "Mom, can we play in the creek?" seams to be the morning battle cry. Well, right after the "I'm hungry!" whine. The boys have been enjoying damming up the creek, making a bridge over the creek and clearing the path to the creek. Mark typically leads the troops down, always in deep discussion with Jack about the things they need to do that day. Emma, as is her life story, always trailing behind her older brothers.

When we last left Drama Princess she had trailed off after her evil brothers towards the creek. When suddenly Emma came moping in doing her pretend cry and sighing heavily.
"Something wrong?" I enquired not knowing where this could lead.
"I, I, I just don't want to talk about it. It is too painful." she says dramatically as she throws herself onto the couch.
Uh-Oh. I sense it is time for another adventure of DRAMA PRINCESS!!
"Ok let me know when you are ready." I say hoping she will move on and knowing she wont.
"Okay, I guess I'll tell you. We were all down at the creek fixing the bridge. Mark and Jack were there and so were Grace's little brothers. I was collecting sticks for the bridge, when all of a sudden I looked a round and noticed that I was the only girl. I was playing with only boys! And it all became so, so very painful for me." she said, as she flips her hair back. Then another big sigh. "Mom, do you have any idea what it is like to have only brothers. I have no girls. Just boys. I have two older brothers and no sisters!" And her head sinks heavily into her hands. Awwww.
Now many of you know that I have 3 sisters but only one brother. Therefore I could not sympathize with her. Emma and I do not always see eye to eye, to say the least. And I do not enjoy her drama princess antics. This makes it very hard for me to understand where she is coming from. Needless to say I don't always have the answer she is looking for (she doesn't seem to care for my usual "suck it up" answer)
"That must be hard." And as I said this I thought of all her brothers do to cater to her.
Biting my tongue to keep any sarcasm out of my voice I said, "Would you like to go play with Grace and Grace?" (neighbor girls down the street)
"Oh momma, that would be wonderful!" she says beaming and wiping off her pretend tears "You are the best momma in the whole wide world! I knew you would understand!"
I was so shocked. Of course my response was, "I know." and off we went to visit Grace and Grace. Thus ends another adventure of Drama Princess.
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