Sea of boxes.

The past few days have been a blur. We have been knee deep in boxes and white packing paper. The house we are renting is shorter on storage than our El Paso house. Deciding what to keep out and what to store in the garage has been foremost in my mind. Thursday and Friday went relatively smoothly, as far as I can remember. I only remember breaking three, no four, dishes as I unpacked and then repacked much of the kitchen. As we started unpacking, it became quite clear that we could not store everything we wanted in the house. The job then changed to opening boxes, determining what was in said box, and then either unpacking or repacking like items. Then, the next thing I knew I was waking up to do it all over again.
While having someone pack for you is nice on the packing side, it is far from nice on the unpacking side. About 1/2 of the boxes were the contents of one drawer or another dumped into a box. The packing women packed all of the file folders from the filing cabinet upside down in a box. It was a great time unpacking that. As a matter of fact, I still have the contents of the bottom of the box to sort through and re-file. goodie. There are still boxes which I have stacked in a closet, in the living room, in the family room and I am currently using one as a bedside table, very classy. I have multiple items missing. The poles to my laundry hamper, for example, are no where to be found, yet. Why I ask you would you not pack like items together? Mark's quilt is still MIA, and I have the distinct feeling it has been used as cushioning material for something which remains packed.
The kids have enjoyed "finding" their toys again and using the boxes for an assortment of imaginative play. John has the boxes organized in the garage according to size, very efficient. I fear the sea of brown will never end. I am hesitant to unpack it all. Not only because there is no place to put it, but because I know we are only here a short time. In all honesty, I am sure as soon as we get the last box unpacked we will have to move again.
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