I'd like to thank all the people who made this trip possible. First THANK GOD for allowing me to be free of the front seat of a truck that was overflowing with everything. Next, I would like to thank my husband for stopping in a timely manner when I said, "I still need to use the restroom." and for not saying a word when I drank too much coffee. I would like to thank Ginger for not biting anyone at any of the establishments we stayed at. I would also like to thank my 3 kids Mark, Jack and Emma for not wrestling in public places, picking there noses in the car and for not making me want to kill them at any point in this trip. I would like to thank the video game store attendant who suggested I purchase Sonic vs. Mario Olympic Games. ( the boys loved it) I would like to thank the person who invented wet wipes for without them I would still be sticky. I would like to say "Thanks Mom! I don't know how you survived the trips to Florida with 5 kids?!?!." I would also like to give a shout out to everyone here in the Midwest, "I hope your Happy! We are back!" You may learn to regret it.
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