Halloween this year.

Jack the Alien (costume hand made by mom.  Just look at that fabulous i-cord trim!)

Emma the Witch (costume not made by mom. Thank Goodness!)
Mark the mangled pedestrian (again, made by mom.)

We even had an unexpected but very appropriate guest just minutes before heading out!

This year we all split up for beggars night.  Emma, Jack and I went out to a friends neighborhood.  Mark being too big to go out with his little siblings went out with a group of middle schoolers.  Ah, how times have changed.  Overall the haul was good.  The best house by far this year was the house decked out in Christmas lights with Santa and Mrs. Claus on the porch handing out candy canes.  The kids got a kick out of saying "Merry Christmas!"  instead of "Trick-or-Treat"  through out the rest of the evening.  I am sure we confused several generous homeowners.  

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