Tonight I made calzones.  This is a new recipe of mine, one I  thought everyone liked.  Because it is Tuesday we are driving everywhere in overlapping schedules.  I made dinner while John took Jack to piano.  Then John and Mark ate while I picked up Jack.  When Jack and I got home, John and Mark left for Soccer.  Then Jack and I sat down to eat.  After I was finished, I started loading the dishwasher while Jack continued to eat.  Jack is always the last done.  When I was finished I noticed that Jack was away from the table but there was still 1/2 of a calzone left on his plate. 
 I said, "Jack are you finished?"  
"Yes."  was his reply.
"Are you still full from the pretzels you ate before piano?"  i enquired.  (which would have been odd since he only grabbed a handful as he was walking out the door.
And his response was.."No..ummm. It's just that...ummm.  Yea, Ok I'll go with your answer.
(He'll be hungry in an hour.)
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