A friendly visitor

This weekend, because I had put it off for so long,  I finally broke down and let Emma put up the Halloween decorations.  I'll admit that after struggling to dig out the boxes and re-arrange the closet I was not in the mood to put anything up that I knew I would have to take down in less than a month.  However,  after listening to the kids sing their made up Halloween carols I was more in the spirit.   I even helped!  It was during my helpful phase, that we encountered our visitor.  I was bringing in a ceramic sun I keep hanging on the front porch and exchanging it for my autumn wreath when Mark exclaims, "WHAT, was that!!"  I turn around just as he identifies it, "IT'S a gecko!"  Well we have lots of them here, but needless to say I wasn't too happy with it being in the house.  So, we set out to catch the little bugger, and boy are they fast!  I have to say I never realized they are really good at climbing!  After several minutes of trying to corner it, which is something really difficult to do when your trying to catch something that can climb walls, we were able to contain it.  I mean thank goodness for Tupperware. 
 Then we had to figure out a way to keep it contained and get it outside, without squashing it.  Fortunately, John being more mechanical than I had the answer and it no time it was FREE AT LAST! 

 He was a pretty little fellow and one I have not seen around here before.  

I think he will enjoy his new home better than ours.
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