Soccer Quilt

Here it is the official Soccer Game Quilt--TA-DA!

Since Mark is back playing travel soccer this year I decided to do a Quilt for Jack and Emma to sit on while they "watch" the game.  I used a bunch of Marks old T-shirts and some fabric from my ever growing stash and Poof: a quilt.  Jack and Emma are usually quite bored at Marks soccer games so the bring lots of things to keep themselves busy.  Crafts, Legos, Nintendo etc.  Now they have a cushy place to do their activities.  I did a little experiment on this quilt, (and why not since it is going to be contiuously tossed on the ground!)  I tryed a technique called Trapunto.  Trapunto is a technique where you use extra batting under a portion of the quilt to add dimension to the quilt.  Here are my results.

Over all I was pleased with the result.  I think I over did it on the extra batting,  next time I'll use a little less.  
Now we are all set for the next two weekends of Tournaments! 
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