Well, I have been very busy this week.  (Like I am not other weeks)  This week I have been doing a lot of finishing and starting of projects, not just my own.  We started the 3 science fair projects this week.  Trying to keep track of all of the data, gathering supplies and just deciding what we are going to do is exhausting.  The actual "experiment" is the shortest part! HA!  

Mark is trying to find out what substances ants are most attracted to.  This first requires Ants.  You would think it would be easy to find a few ants.  Not so.  We have set up the experiment twice without an ant to be found.   And once, one of our experiment plates was confiscated by a bird!  I Cannot Believe it!  Therefore we need a new strategy this weekend.  

Emma is trying to find out what brand of microwave popcorn leaves the fewest unpopped kernels.  This requires digesting LOTS of popcorn.  (Note to self, rethink experiments requiring ingesting large amounts of food)  She has been really enjoying this experiment and has come up with her own, unique, method for recording the kernels.  

Jack is experimenting with yeast and what makes bread rise.  This i fear will also require a lot of food consumption, as we plan on making some homemade bread with our yeast.  He is super excited because he loves to eat raw bread dough and of course bread fresh and warm out of the oven is YUMMY!!!
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