Giving Back

Yesterday we were at the Amigo Airsho here in El Paso.  It is an annual event here, but this year we did it a little different.  The Paso del Norte Quilt Guild I belong to does Wounded Warrior Quilts to present to soldiers wounded in war.  We sew them together quilt them and present as many soldiers as we can with quilts.  The best part is that we have members of the public, military or non-military, sign quilt blocks.  

They write their well wishes on to the quilt blocks  and we incorporate the blocks into the quilt.  Recently we have been having trouble getting enough signatures to complete the quilts.  Thanks to a wonderful connection  this year we were able to get a booth at the airsho and get people to sign the blocks.  In an attempt to open the eyes of my children to the people who do so much for them, I signed us up to work the event tent.  I was unsure as to how the kids would react to this.  It required us to stop complete strangers, many of whom did not speak English well, and try to convince them to sign a quilt block.  Initially they were shy and reserved.

    They truly exceeded my expectations.  By the end they were stopping strangers and asking them to participate in the quilt signing.  I was so impressed with them!  Jack and Mark worked the crowds and Emma stood behind the table and helped people as they came up to the tables.  It was a very proud moment for me to witness.  
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