Project update:

I have been working on this latest quilt for a while now.  I found the pattern in a fall issue of McCall's Quilting and the Authors notes said "Great project to easily finish in a weekend!"  I liked the pattern and I already had most of the fabric for this quilt in my stash, so hey, why not start two.  I finished the quilt tops in record time and cut out the 64 applique pieces just in time to load up everyone for a trip to Phoenix.(literally, John was loading the car as i was putting the ironing board and iron away.)  I figured with a 7 hour drive up and an additional 7 hours back I would have the applique done.  So, I  also took 2 knitting projects to do during the 4 soccer games we would have to sit through. HA!  Little did I know that apparently I am severely applique deficient.  I just finished appliqueing the first quilt this past week!  Two weekends after we got back from Phoenix.  Oh, and I haven't even had time to knit during that time!  Did I say applique deficient, I meant applique handicapped.  I did get the quilt quilted and bound this weekend which made me feel much better.  I actually had the gall to cut out the additional 64 applique pieces for the next quilt.  (I am insane!)  Not that i have decided to use them (yet).  I just really love how the quilt turned out...

I just don't want to put that much time into another quilt just yet.  This quilt was made with the sole purpose of selling it on my etsy store (see link on upper right of blog page)  I fear however that my time has been given away for free or at the very least slave wages.  But, somehow, perhaps it is insanity, I am driven to to more quilting.  I am indeed already planning and collecting fabrics for at least 3 other quilts and 3 other knitting projects.  

I have also started making crochet and knitting needle cases.  I am also posting these on the etsy site. This is my latest I know there are a few of you who will find this very "spirited"

Off, I go to work, and plan and quilt and knit. 
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