quilts,Quilts, QUILTS

Quilts, quilts and more quilts.  This past 2 weeks I have been a busy little quilter.  I have made several new quilts to post on my etsy shop, made and quilted a wounded warrior quilt and made another circular needle case. 

Table runner
Gift Package wall hanging
The Challenge Quilt

Wounded warrior Quilt 

I have been so busy quilting, that everything else seems to have fallen by the way side.  I'll admit I am the type of person who will gladly put off cleaning the kitchen until the morning to have a few hours of quilting in quiet.  Yet, in the morning I trudge downstairs and dive into the pile of day old dirty dishes.  Usually, I am very good about setting limits for myself.  Small attainable goals that once reached, I move on to a "Mommy Job."  You know the jobs that no one else does that mom has to do, like laundry, cooking, changing the toilet paper roll.  This weekend I don't know what came over me but  I just didn't care.  I went to bed Sunday knowing that no matter what else didn't get done, I had bound 3 quilts!  I had not done all my mommy duties and the world was still OK.   Monday morning, I am sad to report things did not continue to run smoothly.  Mark had no clean school pants, oops.  Jack couldn't find any clean gym uniforms and Emma had no clean socks.  Double Oops.  But did I mention that I had bound 3 quilts!
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