Yes, I'll admit I have slowed considerably in my blogging and should be shot!  Ok, maybe that is a little extreme.  But, I have good reasons for being sluggish.   So, maybe they are not good reasons but reasons none-the-less.  Last week, as I reported was incredibly horrid.  Jack and Emma took time occupying my time (awake and asleep).  Both of whom, I should inform you are now officially off the "deathly ill list"  Jack was home from school Tuesday, Emma home Wednesday,  I sent everyone to school on Thursday, because I had Bunko and totally needed adult conversation.  Of course, I ended up being called into school because Emma "didn't feel well" (Big Surprise)  Friday, I kept Jack and Emma home.  I took Jack to the doctor, where we were promptly sent for a STAT chest X-Ray.  Which, comically took about 4 hours to complete.  We then went to pick up the plethora of medication that Jack needed to be on, because he now had Pneumonia.  So the rest of the weekend I spent giving Jack medication every time I turned around.  And I am happy to report he is now doing much, much better, and actually went back to school.  
In the mix with all of this the Van had serious issues.  Our van is 7 years old and has 105,000 miles on it, (it is bound to have  issues)  In the last month we have had to put new tires, and new breaks on.  Then the radiator started leaking, so that needed replaced.  Then the people who put the radiator in decided not to correctly hook up the Transmission fluid tubing. This caused a complete loss of fluid and unknown status of the Transmission.   So, for the entire week we were down to one car.  Which meant John was home working, thankfully he didn't drive into Mexico and leave me without a vehicle.  Unfortunately he was home and in my way.  Those of you with husbands know that when they are gone you have your routine and when they are home your routine is adapted.  Well, I tried, really tried to be patient and understanding after all he was doing me a huge favor.  But, by Friday when he said, 'but, you already went to the grocery once this week?'   I lost it.  I cant help it.  He has no clue what I do every week.  Does he realize that I go to the grocery just about every other day?  No he doesn't.  If not the grocery there is always something that someone forgot that mom has to run and get.  But, I digress. 
Ok, sick kids, sick car and mom sick of it all.  So if I slacked off last week, I apologize but all is well and good now.  Knock on Wood.
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