Mount Pan

This year Mark has an English teacher whom I am growing to Love!  She is doing a fantastic job of drawing the kids into the subject, rather than just studying it.  His last assignment was to write a folk tale.  As you will soon see my attempts to lure him away from death and destruction were a complete failure (ah the mind of an 11 year old).  He had to use illustrations as part of the assignment.  Mark hates to color and draw, so this part was dreaded and put off until the absolute last minute.  When I suggested he stage the folk tale using items we had around the house and take pictures to illustrate he was much more motivated.  I was impressed with the final out come. Hope you enjoy.

One upon a time, in a land not so different from this one, there was a peaceful village.  The village was called Shroomishcan.  The people in the village were not wealthy but they were happy.  Then one day the dragon came.

The dragons had actually lived there for thousands of years under the Mountain Pan.  They recently came out because the evil Cyclopes had invaded their kingdom.  The Cyclopes invaded the kingdom for dragon blood.  Dragon blood is the most powerful energy resource.
These dragons were no ordinary dragons,  they could talk.  They told the villagers about their problem.  The dragons and the villagers became friends and made a plan of attack.  Then they went up to Mount Pan to fight the cyclopes. .

When they got there the cyclopes were waiting for them.  It turns out that the cyclopes were not huge.  They were only as tall as the villagers.  So, as you can guess, the fight was not very long.  The villagers hit the cyclopes on the head and then the dragons ate the cyclopes.  

The dragons planned to return to their mountain.  The dragons promised to power the village from under Mount Pan.  That is how electricity came to be.  And they all lived happily ever after.  

The end.
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