This Saturday is going to be very hectic.  (I know what you are thinking)  And yes most of our Saturdays are hectic!  Today's schedule goes a little like this.  Jack has a solo festival, for piano, at 8:45 am, Mark has a soccer game at 10:30.  Mark's team is having a party at 1pm, which really means 2 pm in El Paso, (time is a little tricky here).  We are bringing drinks to the party.  After the soccer game we are stopping to pick those up.  John and I are going on a DATE tonight (wohoo!) so we have to pick the babysitter up by 5 and come home get dressed, go out to dinner, and make the show at 7.  Meanwhile we have homework and science fair projects due next week that we have to work on (more on those next blog).  This morning while I should have set an alarm to ensure enough time getting Jack and John out of the house, I didn't.   I have been stricken by the same cold virus as the kids so I fell into bed, fully dressed, at 9 last night.  Jack woke me at 7:30 and said, "mom, I have to leave in 30 min"  Well, I don't have to tell you that I rocketed out of bed and began, shouting orders like a Drill Sargent.  I was more than a little perturbed when Jack came down from getting dressed in ripped sweats and a t-shirt stained with God only knows what.  I sent him back up to change, again, and he cursed me the whole way.  He came down the second time a much improved t-shirt and jeans.  I don't know the official "dress code" for the solo festival but, he was no longer a homeless vagrant so it didn't really matter.  After forcing pancakes and sausage down his throat and making him practice his song one more time, ("MOTHER, I KNOW IT ALREADY!")  John and Jack were scooting out the door, at the last minute when I ran up and picked out a sweater for Jack to throw over his t-shirt.  It is chilly this morning and Jack is one of my kids who is chronically cold.  As I was pulling his sweater over his head he said, "Why are you putting this on me?"  I told him it was colder than he thought, as a cold front went through last night and it is very windy.  The sweater I picked out for him was an expensive sweater I had bought for Mark to wear one Christmas.  It is navy with I-cord piping outlining the under arm of the sleeves which are decorated with intarsia.  The front has very elaborated embroidered sports balls on it.  It really is beautiful.  After I forced Jacks arms through the sleeves he looked at it and said, "When did you knit this?"  I almost cried.  I knew he was my favorite.
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