A Cacophony of Coughs

The weather here in El Paso has gotten cooler, the tumbleweed has bloomed and the wind has picked up.  All signaling the start of Autumn here in El Paso.  Another little known season here, at least for us, Croup season.  Unfortunately for me and the little ones, allergies signal sinus problems, which trigger sore throats, which in turn lead to Croup.  The past few weeks have been a flurry of doctor appointments, late night stints on the porch and waking to find myself crammed between John and one, if not two children.  This morning being no different started with the barking cough of yet another child "Emma."  I had been expecting this, since the last 2 weeks have been devoted to Jack's cough.  By the time I had everyone up for school I felt like it should be time for lunch.   I wasn't the only one who was cranky.  Emma and Jack both were complaining and jockeying for position to be first in line to use the thermometer.   It started innocently enough with a cough-cough here, and a cough-cough, there.  Pretty soon, yep, a cough-cough everywhere.  Before I knew it there was a coughing competition at the kitchen table.  Jack and Emma were actually forcefully coughing louder and louder to see who was the sickest.  I could not believe it!  What more could they possibly find to compete over?  Just then I heard John coughing.  Oh Brother, time to go back to bed.

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