Zits by Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott

I love this comic and read it everyday.  This particular post today seemed particularly apropos.  As a mom, I try to stay on top of the homework assignments of my three darlings.  However, if it is not written down or if  they don't tell me about it, I can't know about it (am I right?)  I mean my mind reading skills are far from or ordinary but come on!  This year, hell every year, is a struggle with my oldest.  He is a true procrastinator.  He doesn't truly realize this is his destiny, Oh but he is a procrastinator of the highest caliber.  I was, and occasionally still am a very good procrastinator.  My husband seems to find it quite humorous that I am dealing with issues I my self placed on my parents.  As you can imagine I myself do not find it the least bit funny.  

Somehow, this weeks assignment all had the same due date, TODAY.  Mark had a book report, a math test and his science project report due today.  Jack had to rewrite a music composition he wrote for piano.  I knew this an badgered and nagged all weekend and well into last night trying to get everything finished.  If there is one thing I hate, it is being kept up late "helping" with work that should, and could have been done. Despite my best efforts, uncontrollable things happen and we were still up until 10 pm completing homework.  

Yesterday, the kids had Thanksgiving at School.  This is where the kids get to invite parents/grandparents to school to celebrate the holiday.  After lunch, which I had to sit thru 3 times and took nearly 4 hours, we were able to take the kids home early.  We arrived home at 1:30 and mom had a killer migraine.  I took my meds and crashed.  All I needed was an hour peace and quite so could decrease the severity of my headache.  Somehow, that was to much to ask, so I made due with 25 minutes. Needless to say I wasn't at my best.  When I woke everyone said, "No, we don't have any homework."  or the equivalent "I finished it all." Silly me, I fell for it.  Last night as John and I are taking a walk,  clarity came,  everything that was due today hit me and I realized I had been fooled.  Thus when we got home, the @#$! hit the fan.  Kids were crying, I was calling them out on everything.  They were truly in awe of my mom memory, they thought they had gotten away with it!   Silly, silly children. What I don't understand is WHY?  Why would you not want to do your homework, isn't it only going to get you into more trouble the next day when mom finds out.  Or are they just hoping I won't.  Threats were made, punishments dished out and everyone at one time or another ended up in tears, it was a joyous time.  (the things they don't tell you about having kids)

So why am I still stewing about it hours later.  Well, the fact remains, that while I thought I was finished when everyone went to bed I was sadly mistaken.  This morning 15 minutes before their ride is to arrive Emma says, "Mom, I have homework I forgot about!."   (really, how odd. )  She did her best to finish what she had, but it wasn't finished when their ride arrived.  I picked up a clipboard, put her homework on it, handed her a pencil and told her she would have to finish on the way to school or explain to her teacher why she didn't have it done.  I am so mean.  I know she is only in first grade, these things happen.  When I came inside and finally sat down with my cup of coffee and the paper this comic was right there consoling me.  I was not alone. 

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