Plan B

The sights and the sounds of holiday season abound here in El Paso.  It is somewhat difficult as an adult who grew up in the Midwest to get used to the thought that Thanksgiving is only 5 days away.  With the weather mild and the trees, the few there are, starting to turn, it just doesn't feel like the holidays.  Sure, I have gotten my Christmas lists made for each and everyone,  made up the menu for Thanksgiving dinner and I have even purchased a present or two.  Perhaps it is not the fact that I am in El Paso but just the fact that I am getting older.  sigh.  For the impending holiday has stirred up the kids just the same.  Even Mark who is trying to look "cool" and play along with Jack and Emma as they tell stories of Santa, has been found making lists and looking online for games and such.  Every morning starts out with Jack and Emma discussing, arguing, hell, lobbing for the best of the best for Christmas.  They are like a small group of lawyers discussing the pros of having the newest this or the biggest that.  Their logic while shaky at best, is still evidence of how important the holiday is to them.  Jack even tried to put a spin on the walky-talkies he wanted saying, "it would keep the house quieter because they wouldn't have to yell for one another."  They have decided together that they need a lap dog.  heavy sigh.  Dad told them Santa doesn't bring live animals.  To which Jack responded, "I am just going to test that theory."   Never fear, even if Santa does indeed hold firm on the live animal policy, they have a back-up plan.  They plan to pool their money and purchase a dog.  yippee.  I wouldn't mind having another dog, IF I wasn't the one to have to do all of the work.  Emma decided to play another angle saying, "if we got a rescue dog, we would be helping, and isn't that what Christmas is about?"  such a big heart we have.  

"Dear Santa, 

If you leave a new bike under the tree, I will give you the antidote for the poison I put in the milk.

Okay, so perhaps they wouldn't go that far but their excitement and determination are indeed a force to be reckoned  with.  Whatever their motives, it is a happy, contented feeling to have the joy of the Holidays in the house.  
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