Lost & Found

Yesterday I had errands to run in the morning.  While out and about I got seriously hungry!  It was then I realized I had not had breakfast.  Thinking I was going to be out a few more hours, I ran through the drive through window and grabbed a burger.  As I was driving to the post office I noticed a little dog standing in the middle of the intersection FROZEN.  She was so scared.  All of the cars were honking and driving around her she didn't know what to do.  Fortunately for her I had a hamburger, and after about 5 minutes I was able to lure her to the sidewalk with the promise of Burger King.  She had a collar but no tags.  I took all 6 lbs of her to the Vet's office.  Here in El Paso the law is that all dogs must be micro chipped.  She however, was not.  The Vet was able to give me a list of people to call to help find her owner.  She was very sweet and gentle with the kids.  Even Ginger was happy that I brought her a squeaky toy.  Ginger tried to play with the little dog but Ginger being at least 8 times bigger than her TOTALLY freaked her out!   For the most part we kept them separated.  This morning I printed out fliers to post near the area where I found her.   After posting just 2 fliers I ran across a "lost dog" flier.  And there was a picture of her.  I called immediately and the owner was so Happy.  It seems her son was absolutely devastated by the lost of his dog.  I was happy to return her to her home, Ginger however is extremely put out that I took her plaything away.
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