Yeah Me

I finished my latest quilt.  (The crowd goes wild!!)  It is actually quilted, bound and beaded.  (Woo-Ho)  I know you are all impressed.  But, seriously the thing sat and taunted me for at least 2 months.  I didn't know what design to quilt on it, so i let it hang in my closet.  I finally decided to have it done for today's quilting meeting and i was super happy with the end result.

I quilted a falling leaf pattern down the center and twirls down the sides.  It reminded me of Autumn and so logically, leaves and wind followed.  And then the whole idea of motion of the leaves and the wind mixing.  

I decided next to bead it with tiny glass beads. Reminds me a little of the sight chill in the air that Autumn sometimes has.  OK, ok,  very artsy I know,  but it is truly the first quilt I have finished that felt like an art project!  It was very energizing!  Go me!
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